California Tendai Buddhist Monastery
Cobb Mountain,
in Lake County, California


Enami Shunsho Ajari
Enami Shunsho Ajari, chosen successor to Gozen-sama, burning goma at the Mudoji, Mt. Hiei.

Mailing address:
PO Box 811
Cobb, CA, 95426
phone: (707) 295-7733

In March 2005, Buddha Dendo relocated from San Francisco to the Cobb Mountain region, on 160 acres of land, at the 2500 ft elevation on the 4700 ft mountain. Several photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery. Anybody is welcome to visit at any time, as long as they keep the basic rules of a temple, such as not bringing meat, fish, alcohol, or drugs on to the temple grounds. For those who wish to lead the renunciate life of the bodhisattva, the full training is available, including such things as kaihogyo (mountain circling meditation), purification, morning and evening liturgies, mantra recitation, periods of seclusion, samatha-vipasyana (shi-kan) meditation, and goma (sacred fire offering). For this last practice, a proper hall was constructed, finished in 2007. The training is directed by VK Leary Keisho, a priest in the lineage of Enami Kakusho (Gozen-sama) of Mt Hiei, Japan.